Monday, December 31, 2012

Ten books of 2012

I haven't read many books this year, but for what it's worth here are my ten books of 2012.

Six objectively great books:

  1. Loving the Way Jesus Loves (Ryken)
  2. The Good God (Reeves)
  3. God at Work (Veith)
  4. A New Name (Scrivener)
  5. The King's English (Scrivener)
  6. Christian Youth Work (Ashton and Moon)

Five books that taught me something great:

  1. Notes from a Tilt a Wheel (Wilson)
  2. The Joy of Calvinism (Forster)
  3. God at Work (Veith)
  4. Revelation and Reconciliation (Williams)
  5. Training in Christianity (Kierkegaard)

I read half a dozen marriage books too. Most of which were good, all of which taught me something, none of which blew me away.

1 comment:

  1. If you think Ryken's book is #1 please read Loving Well by William P. Smith.